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Vinyl fence continues to grow in popularity for good reason. 

Vinyl fencing provides privacy and protection, plus it looks great without the hassle of traditional fences. Vinyl is the most durable, lowest maintenance, and most cost-effective fence material available over time.

Premium vinyl fencing is manufactured to last a lifetime, and will improve the overall property value of your home.


Vinyl fences installed by Fence Unlimited can last a lifetime. Today's vinyl fence materials are manufactured to be stronger than wood. Vinyl fencing is flexible, durable and can stand up to high winds and rain. Vinyl doesn't absorb moisture, so the boards, posts and accessories will not blister, peel, rust or rot.  

For additional strength and security, Fence Unlimited offers gates. Our gates are reinforced to maintain shape, provide additional durability, and provide years of easy operation. 

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Unlike wood or chain link, vinyl fences don't require maintenance with paint, sealants or stains. Cleaning is easily accomplished by hosing the fence off with water. Most marks and stains easily come off with soap or household cleaner and a little elbow grease. Vinyl is the best low maintenance fencing option available today. 

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With vinyl fencing, you can create beautiful curb appeal. A variety of styles and colors available makes it possible to choose a fence that suits your individual tastes and enhances both the look of your home and your neighborhood.

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Fence Unlimited offers a selection of private or semi-private fencing designs. Working with our experts, you can customize a fence to fit your front or backyard privacy needs. For example, ranch-style vinyl fencing is available and popular in our area.

We serve both residential and commercial clients. To learn more about the the wide variety of fencing available and get a free estimate, contact Fence Unlimited

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