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Residential fences add security and value to your property.
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Vinyl fencing is a resilient product, perfect for residential fencing. Essentially carefree, once in place, vinyl fencing provides privacy, protection, and a pleasing appearance without hassle and very little maintenance. 


Cedar is highly durable and lasts longer than most other types of wood. The wood used for cedar fencing contains natural oils that help make it resistant to decay and increasing its durability without the use of chemical treatments. Cedar fencing is durable and long lasting. 

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Decorative steel fencing is the classic “wrought iron” fence, now modernized with new technology. Steel fencing provides strength, security, durability, corrosion resistance, and low maintenance that is perfect for residential, commercial, industrial and high security properties. 

Boise chain link fence

Chain link fences are great option for residential areas. Both sturdy and protective, chain link is a popular choice for backyards, pools and around homes.

Vinyl gate Idaho

Gates built by Fences Unlimited are engineered to open and close like a door. Learn how our gates are built better and last longer.

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