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Chain link fencing is a popular choice for commercial and residential fencing in the Treasure Valley area.

Fence Unlimited designs and installs top-quality chain link products and systems that provide maximum visibility and versatility without sacrificing security.

Chain link has been available for a long time and remains popular for many reasons. The metal fence material is a great choice for commercial and residential use.


Whether for business, yard, pool, or property line, Fence Unlimited can plan and install the the chain link fence you need.

A variety of available materials including galvanized chain link fencing, vinyl-coated chain link fencing, and commercial chain link fencing as well as different gauges, heights and post sizing options provides flexibility based on your needs and location.


Chain link is one of the most economical and versatile fencing materials to work with. 


Our gates are engineered to operate better. Whether for residential or commercial use, our gate designs offer ease of use - both when opening and closing. 


If you need an automatic gate or have security requirements, we have solutions to fit your needs and provide expert installation and system support.

Learn more about our state-of-the-art gate design.

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