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With decades of experience in the area of commercial fencing, Fence Unlimited has emerged as a leader in Boise and the surrounding areas. We are regularly contacted by architects and engineers in need of a fence or gate to secure work sites or businesses. Our services are in demand by other professionals because each crew we employ is trained to read construction plans and avoid miscommunication to provide more effective and efficient results every time. 

We understand the commercial construction business and have worked with contractors for decades.  Our installers know how to read commercial blueprints and understand how to follow commercial contractor software.  Most importantly, we have the ability to meet contractors schedules to help your project stay on time and on budget.

Experts at Fence Unlimited are especially adept at deciphering construction and site plans. We are not overwhelmed by options for our customers, we are empowered by them. We want to help our customers get what they require and accomplish the best results while meeting budget and security requirements. Our fence and gate options offer versatility, security and durability.


Chain link is a cost-effective solution for commercial fences and is a great option for securing a large area. A popular choice for commercial projects, the fence gets its strength from the steel wire and diamond pattern which also provides flexibility. Durable and long-lasting, we can add enhanced security options based on your requirements.

There are several chain link options available, including different heights, gauges of mesh fabric, post sizing (to meet site requirements) and colors to help match budgets and project needs.

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Temporary fence panels are popular for construction sites, indoor and outdoor events, and sporting events. Temporary fence panels are portable and lightweight, but strong and sturdy for controlling pedestrian walkways, vehicular access and parking, and are also used for crowd control.

Our temporary fences stand on top of ground or are driven into the ground with temporary material attached. Customers can request 6x12 chain link panels, tube constructed panels and stackable options.

We will deliver your temporary fence to the site, provide set-up and removal as part of your weekly or monthly rental. 

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We can help improve your agricultural operation with a proper fencing plan. Fence Unlimited experts take the time to learn about your operation and what you need to accomplish on your land. 

Whether the goal is to keep animals in or out, protect crops or other requirements, we can help. Our experience and expertise can help guide you in planning to protect your land and what’s on it.

Our automatic gates are customized to meet our client needs. We can  provide code tracking entry and exit as well as scheduled open and close/lock times. 

Our automatic gate solutions include keypad and software options with remotes and bypass key codes available. 

Fence Unlimited has complete knowledge of UL325 safety requirements for all automatic gates. We are experts in cantilever, v-track, vertical pivot and traditional swing gates and can customize a gate to suit your site conditions and available space.  

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Worksite fencing improves operations

Business properties can have separate segments dedicated to different jobs, commercial fencing can help distinguish between them.

An innovative fence plan can help organize a workplace, improve efficiency and improve the worksite aesthetic. Fencing is essential for keeping commercial property safe from intruders, its primary purpose is to keep unwanted guests out. This ensures the safety of personnel, prevents trespassing and work interference. 

Fence Unlimited has decades of experience and background to work even the largest jobs. We are professionals with the expertise to handle safety, regulations, read plans and blueprints, and understand pages of specifications - we know where to look for and can help identify fencing specific information and conflicts.  We submit proper bids that require fewer change orders. 

Our ingenuity will to help contractors get the results they intend even when conflicts arise in planning. Regardless of your changing needs, we identify, clarify and confirm the conflict then get to work to figure out a way to build your commercial fence.

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